car-accident-infoIf you have been in a car accident, you could be suffering from serious injuries and in need of some cash, but do not let the insurance companies bully you into taking a settlement that is less than you deserve or needed to get you back on track. Insurance companies will use a lot of different tactics that will keep you from getting the settlement you want even when you are entitled to your claims. The best way to handle the bullies at the insurance company is to hire a personal injury attorney in Michigan and put those bullies in their place.

What a Car Accident Attorney Can Do For You

When you hire a car accident attorney there are several things they will do to process your claim and they will handle all correspondence with the insurance companies and opposing lawyers. They understand the underhanded tactics insurance companies will use to prevent paying a full claim and will insure that these tactics are not given an opportunity to minimize or delay your case. The attorney will recommend that you do not speak with the insurance company even if they try to contact you. They will take full responsibility of handling your case and dealing with the annoying phone calls and paperwork the insurance company will try to use to confuse you into agreeing to a minimal settlement amount.

The insurance company, once they cannot get you to approve a quick claim for a small amount that does not benefit you, they will then try to delay the case as long as possible. This is negligent but not illegal and without representation, you alone cannot do anything to speed up the process. To get your case on the move and through the system it is almost impossible to fight an insurance company when it starts dragging its feet, unless you have an attorney on your side. A car accident attorney will know exactly what to do, what forms to file and how to get your case in the system as quickly as possible and resolved, even with the insurance company kicking and screaming the whole way.

A car accident attorney can offer a lot of advice and help dictate your claim to provide you with the settlement you deserve. They also almost always work on a contingency basis on most cases which is a payment arrangement that is agreed upon by you which rewards them a percentage of your settlement versus upfront payments. The more money they win for you, the more they get paid and the quicker they get you your settlement, the sooner they can put their money in the bank. This assures you that they will be fighting in your corner the whole way and will do their best to get you the highest payout possible as quickly as possible.